People choose Spotless because ....

I have been a customer of Bergman Cleaners for 30+ years and we have had a rocky relationship.

I have left them on 3 different occasions due to carelessness on their part and returned hoping they would do better. They have lost my duvet cover from Portugal - irreplaceable, numerous shams and 100% imported linen sheets. They send my linens back more wrinkled than when I sent them and they lose buttons regularly. I leave them and return for I eventually grow tired of lugging my laundry to one cleaners and my clothes to another.

And then one day I saw a Spotless delivery truck and WOW! I called and you came! (Bergman's wakes me once a week at 6:30 AM, I hate it...)

Today, my dry cleaning came back from Spotless with a friendly and courteous driver, bags and a hanger for my next pick-up. My clothes look wonderful, and I am finally feeling I have found the dry cleaners of my dreams. A dry cleaners that does my bedding, my clothes, picks-up and delivers at a reasonable hour...I am pleased. I will tell all my friends and neighbors.

Thank you.

— Linda Berry, Washington D.C. —

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job your company does. I can't get over the quality of your work and amazing customer service. I felt strongly enough to pass the below message to several of my neighbors tonight.

Happy Customer, Christine Paul

Hello Folkstone neighbors!

I just wanted to take a minute to pass along a great resource / business I have used for the past year since moving to Folkstone. Our family generates a lot of dry cleaning and I hate dropping and picking it up every week with both kids in tow. I have used a few different delivery services, but have been particularly impressed with, 703-961-9111 (office) 703-961-1444 (fax)

Their rates are the same, if not better, than places you drop off yourself. They come to your house or place of business to pick up and deliver in only 24 hours! Their customer service is top notch and I have found the Manager, Martin Lee, personally makes sure my clothing is picked up promptly and the order processed correctly.

No, I don't work for them...but I think that reputable companies in this economic environment should be supported!

— Christine Paul, Herndon —

Spotless is a wonderful service. I was hesitant to leave my other dry cleaners but it was the right decision. Such a time saver to have my clothes picked up and delivered! And they do a great job at cleaning, spot removal, pants hemming, etc. My husband is very picky about how his shirts are cleaned and I haven't heard any complaints. And having it be eco-friendly is so important. All for a great price!!

— Susan Price, Alexandria —

Gloria and I have been using this service for awhile and we are very satisfied. I know that since I have been using them, they have practically cleaned my whole wardrobe. I am very happy that they were able to clean spots (aged and other) off my clothing that I thought would never come out. And before I found them I almost threw those garments away, but they are certainly true to their name "Spotless Dryclean." Also, if there is an issue (such as a small hole etc.) with a garment, they will notify you by e-mail and attach a picture of the problem and ask if you still want it clean. That is a service you do not find in any other competitor.

— Vallerie Steen, Washington D.C. —

Yes! I was a little skeptical at first of leaving my dry cleaning on the front porch but it was so nice not to worry about dropping it off or picking it up.  I received my clothes in excellent condition.  Compared to other dry cleaners I have used in the Fair Lakes have been the best so far.  My items looked as if they were brand new again.  Thank you so much and I will call you for my next order.

— Brandi Hix, Fairfax —

Jeeson, After three years of ironing my own work shirts and pants I finally decided to look into doing dry cleaning on a regular basis.  Unfortunetally, I was either too busy (or lazy) to drive to drive to the local cleaner all the time (trying to beat closing time!) and the delivery options were so much more expensive and had outrageous minimum orders that I didn't want to fulfill every week.  After putting the idea on hold, I decided to do one more search and found Spotless Dry Clean.  On the face of it, everything looked good (low minimum orders, competitive prices, and next day delivery) so I decided to give it a try.  I will officially say that I will never use another dry cleaner as long as I am in this area.  Not only are the support staff incredibly courteous and responsive (especially with special orders and garment repair), but I can't explain how great it is to put out clothing in the morning on one day and have it hanging on my door when I get home the next, and all without having to break the bank.   My days of ironing are over!

— Sean Kenyon, Fairfax —

Do you have any recommendations for us to improve our service? I have no recommendations because your service has been great! I recently had a baby so it is really convenient for me to have my dry cleaning picked up at home and dropped off. Your quick turn around was great- much faster than I had expected and everything was well cleaned. We are really happy with your service.

— Christine Wilson, Arlington —

Jeeson, I did receive my order yesterday and I am very pleased with the service. Very quick and all the items look great. I will be traveling next week, but will surely be looking to use your service again when I return.

— Sean Delehunt, Vienna —

Couldn't be more pleased with the service.

— John Gilbert, Bethesda —

Was great - Thank you so much!!!!!! Once I'm through the weekend (kids running around) - I'll probably be calling for a laundry pick up. Promise none will be as large as the last. That was the dry cleaning since October! Thank you!!!

— Janet Binford, Fairfax —

Everything was awesome and we really appreciate all of your efforts! Please give an extra thanks to Chris Showalter for us! We'll be calling you again soon for the next round of shirts! Thanks

— Patty Howick, Burke —